Partner with Skillstride Academy for a Fruitful Collaboration

Skillstride Academy is thrilled to announce its unique College Connect initiative, where we enter into Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with colleges. This collaboration aims to offer certificate courses, organize workshops, and provide remarkable placement opportunities to students throughout the academic year.

Through this partnership, we work in tandem with colleges to ensure that their students receive the best possible training and placement opportunities.

Responsibilities of the Collaborating College

Promote Us

Actively promote Skillstride Academy's certificate courses among students.

Prepare Batches

Form batches of students who are eager to enroll in the courses.


Decide on the timings for the courses and provide Skillstride Academy with a schedule.

Responsibilities of Skillstride Academy

Conduct high-quality training programs.
Administer assessments
Bring in placement opportunities.
Certify students upon successful completion of courses.
Conduct placement drives.
Assist students in securing internships and full-time jobs.

Benefits for Colleges

Improve NAAC Ratings

Our certified courses and placement opportunities contribute positively to your NAAC ratings.

Earn Mark-up on Courses

Get the ability to earn a mark-up on all the courses offered through the collaboration.

Enhance Brand Value

Aligning with Skillstride Academy adds to your institution’s brand value.

Build Long-Term Business Partnership

Forge a long-term, mutually beneficial business partnership with Skillstride Academy.

Our Esteemed College Collaborations

St Joseph Degree and PG College
St. Mary's Centenary College
Mahbub Degree College
Indian Institute of Management and Commerce
London Management Academy

Get in Touch for Collaboration

Colleges interested in collaborating with Skillstride Academy can get in touch with us through the following channels