Key Highlights of the course

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Interface and Tools

Understanding Image Formats and Resolutions

Working with Layers, Masks, and Selections

Enhancing Images with Filters and Effects

Using Advanced Techniques and Features

Retouching and Restoring Photos

Creating Digital Artwork and Illustrations

Designing Web Graphics and User Interfaces

Creating Animations and GIFs

Building a Strong Portfolio

What will you learn in Adobe Photoshop course?

Learn Essential Photoshop Skills

Boost Your Design and Photography Skills

Hands-on Training with Real-world Projects

Access to Latest Photoshop Tools and Techniques

Increase Your Productivity and Efficiency

Improve Your Creativity and Artistic Abilities

Develop Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

Increase Your Earning Potential

Get Feedback and Support from Peers and Instructors

Become a Confident and Skilled Photoshop User

Meet Your Trainers

Mohammad Akram Khan

Graphic designing trainer at Skillstride Academy.

15 years of experience as a Graphic designing trainer.

Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop.

Taught 2000+ students

Expert in providing Live sessions

What People Say

“I enrolled in Skillstride academy for CIMA. Firstly I am grateful to Rishit for providing me with the best and quickest route to qualify for CIMA as soon as possible. I thank Skillstride academy for all their support and guidance in terms of conceptual clarity. Really happy with...view more

“A very professional experience. It was time efficient, valuable and very informative. We had the best faculty.”

“Skillstride is a great place to learn about Cima, Rishit personally takes an interest to make his students excel, he took classes at my convenience he was ready to take offline and online classes...he even provided all the videos regarding the subjects for a better understanding ”