CIMA Exam Results and Grading System

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CIMA Exam Results and Grading System

Anxious to discover when you will get the CIMA exam results, and how to decipher the performance report? 


CIMA Exam Results for Objective Tests 

Since the execution of the new arrangement, it is the most effortless and quickest to get the CIMA objective test exam results — you get a pass or fall grade following the automated exam. 

Following 48 hours, you will get an email, affirming that CIMA exam results breakdown is accessible in the MYCIMA entrance. 


CIMA Exam Results Breakdown 

The outcomes are appeared in a table organization, posting the branches of knowledge in the objective test. 

Each branch of knowledge is stamped proficient or not proficient, with more point-by-point remarks on how you can improve. 

Here is an example demonstrating the candidate getting a not proficient in Financial Reporting:

CIMA exam results 

A Note on CIMA Exam Pass Mark 

The CIMA states that you need a 70% exactness to breeze through every objective assessment. Simultaneously, they reveal to you the CIMA exam pass mark is 100. 

If its not too much trouble comprehend that you are given a scaled score going from 0 to 150. The accentuation is that this score is scaled, implying that you cant sort out your rate precision by a straight equation. Indeed, in the event that you attempt to separate 100 by 150, you get 66.7% rather than 70%. 

The scaling is a path for CIMA to adjust the more troublesome questions with the simpler questions. The framework weighs troublesome questions somewhat more, with the end goal that understudies who got a couple of more troublesome questions wrong would even now score equivalent to those getting more simpler questions right. 

Regardless, kindly dont attempt to over break down your scaled score. It is a decent marker on your performance in a 0 to 150 scale, yet this is basically the main data you can receive in return. 


CIMA Case Study Results 

The questions in the event that review exams are more perplexing. Human graders rather than PCs mark this exam, and thusly, we need to hang tight for around 5 weeks after the finish of the testing window to get the outcomes. 

Like the objective test, the exhibition report is accessible on the MyCIMA entrance, and is introduced as a table. We will see Strong, Moderate or Fail in every one of the 5 capabilities.