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  • Academic Evaluation: If you are eligible for exemptions or any alternative pathway, make sure you receive complete information before starting your studies
  • Register With CIMA: Submit your application with help of training providers and start registration process
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The parameters to make a career decision shouldn’t be only because of highest ROI or because of huge incentives. The most important factor to choose any career should be your passion and interest. So before getting in detail about the subject get to know if you really have the zeal to take up the CIMA course.
  • Do you prefer working in the front face of the company?
  • Do you like management accounting?
  • Can you interpret accounting in practical and make decisions?
  • Do you desire to be the decision maker of the company?
  • Do you want to work beyond numbers and draft strategies for the business?
If yes is your answer to these questions read further and know more about CIMA.
Officially, management accountants help businesses all over the world manage their finances. But in reality, there’s so much more to it than that. They are business leaders. Innovators. Decision makers. Forecasters. There’s no one industry or role that they work in: you’ll find management accountants in all kinds of companies, public and private, big and small.
Day to day, they interpret financial data, prepare reports and use business knowledge to help management make decisions. They’ll always be looking to the future and figuring out ways to improve things for the company.
  • Analyse data, forecasts and budgets to help leaders make decisions
  • Create reports to be used internally
  • Compile information looking at the future, not the past
  • Are responsive – whatever information the business needs, they’ll provide it
  • Measure operational, as well as financial, performance
  • Can focus on specific parts of the business
  • Look at qualitative and quantitative data
The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants® (CIMA) is the world’s leading body of management accountants, delivering the most relevant qualification for business career business. When you join CIMA, you invest in your career development and learning — and we become your lifelong partner through it all.
  • 650,000 Members and Students of CIMA and the AICPA
  • 2,25,000 Oraganizations that employ CIMA members
  • 179 countries where CIMA members live
  • 33 representative offices around the world
  • Management Accountant
  • Management Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Forensic Accountant
  • Project Manager
  • Financial Controller
  • Finance Director
  • Group Reporting Analyst
  • Sr. Financial Analyst
  • Finance Manager
  • Chief Finanical Officer
  • Associate, Accounting and Operations
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The Three Learning Pillars

The Qualification Is Based On Three Main Pillars

Enterprise Pillar

The Enterprise pillar focuses on the role of the finance function and how it interacts with the organization through the use of data and technology. It looks at business models and the management of people and projects to achieve organisational goals. It deals with the formulation and implementation of strategy.

Performance Pillar

The Performance pillar uses the tools and techniques of management accounting and risk management to ensure that strategy is realistic and to monitor its implementation. It shows how to use an understanding of costs to construct budgets, make decisions about prices and capital expenditure, manage costs and manage performance. It develops the skills to progressively identify, classify, evaluate and manage risk.

Financial Pillar

The Financial pillar focus is the financial accounting and reporting obligations of the organisation. This includes an understanding of the regulatory framework and external reporting requirements, and the ability to construct and evaluate complex financial statements to show the financial position and performance of the organisation. The fundamentals of business tax are covered, as are the tax implications of financing decisions. It also looks at formulating financial strategy, which is linked to the formulation of organisational strategy in the enterprise pillar and assessing risk in the performance pillar.


CIMA Pass Rate

February / March
Operational: 44% 67% 34% 61%
Management: 33% 62% 77% 78%
CIMA gateway: 15% 20% 40% 42%
Strategic: 46% 70% 67% 62%
February / March
  • Operational: 44%
  • Management: 33%
  • CIMA Gateway: 15%
  • Strategic: 46%
  • Operational: 67%
  • Management: 62%
  • CIMA Gateway: 20%
  • Strategic: 70%
  • Operational: 34%
  • Management: 77%
  • CIMA Gateway: 40%
  • Strategic: 67%
  • Operational: 61%
  • Management: 78%
  • CIMA Gateway: 42%
  • Strategic: 62%
Four major Steps to Success

Most Preferred CIMA Routes

  • Starting as an undergraduate or graduate

    #1 CGMA Finance Leadership Program

    Most preferred by students, who completed 12th standard or Intermediate, Undergraduates and students pursuing Post Graduates.

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  • Starting as a postgraduate

    #2 Master's Gateway

    If you have a relevant Master’s degree in Accounting, Finance or an MBA (Accounting Major), you may be eligible for accelerated entry routes, allowing you to start higher up within the CIMA Professional Qualification at the Management Level.

    Click To Know More
  • Starting as working professionals with 5+ Years Experience

    #3 CSep Route

    As the business world becomes increasingly complex and volatile, professionals must be equipped with sharper skills to be successful. With this tailor-made programme, you will have tools to navigate the ever-changing market wisely. Develop your strategic and business skills to its fullest potential right away

    Click To Know More
  • Starting as a member of an CA and CMA

    #4 GPAP Route

    If you’re a member or passed finalist of an examining professional body that is part of the CA and CMA you will be eligible for exemptions allowing you to progress faster through the CIMA Professional Qualification.

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