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A Pathway to glide your career; be it business, finance or management. Fueled by three international bodies CIMA, ACCA & CFA. Skillstride is a learning society for folks having bombsight targets in professional aspects. Acknowledging the significance of international professional courses like CIMA, ACCA and CFA, we provide guidance and edification for the same. Pioneered by Rishit Agarwal who is not only a CIMA professional but also holds an Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting and Kritika Jain, who holds Claritas CFA certificate, inaugurated Skillstride on Jan 2019. Establishing a proper linkage between you and your dreams Skillstride is here providing cent percent to make you fly high.

Skillstride partnered with CIMA,AICPA,IFRS

Upcoming Webinars

Accounting Standards

The topics which are to be briefed about in the webinar are listed as below to make sure the best learning:

  • An introduction to Accounting Standards (issued by ICAI).
  • Meaning, Objectives and Advantages of Accounting Standards.
  • Accounting Standards Board and their objectives.
  • Applicability and Scope of Accounting Standards
  • List of Accounting Standards (Briefly).
  • IFRS - Meaning, Objectives and Importance and any other information relating to the same.
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Finance Professional Career Options

Join our upcoming webinar on career guidance in finance and business sector. Where our expert is going to cover the following topics:

  • Various career options in the Finance and Business.
  • Ground factors to choose a qualification.
  • Professional opportunities.
  • Scope of the professions.
  • Job opportunities
  • Career prospects of the qualifications
  • Professional experiences
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Investment Foundation

It is about getting to the heart and the core purpose of the investment industry — its vital role in the world: from helping people save for the future to funding schools, hospitals, roads and other essentials.The benefits this brings when done well (ethically and all parts working together) help serve society.

  • Investment industry top-down view
  • Ethics and regulations
  • Various investment input and tools
  • Various investment instruments
  • Industry structure
  • Serving client needs
  • Industry controls
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Managing Finance in Digital World

Join our webinar on managing finance in Digital world where we are going to cover:

  • Latest shift in the roles of finance industry
  • Shape of Finance function
  • Emerging technologies and its impact on Finance function
  • Skills required by future finance professionals
  • Interaction of finance function with other functions in an organisation
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Stock Market Insights

Topics to be covered:

  • Why does the stock market exist
  • How does someone make money in the stock market
  • Why do people lose money in stock market
  • What are the risk of investing in stocks
  • Why does the stock market goes up and down
  • How to invest in stock market without taking anyone’s help
  • What is DEMAT, trading account and trading terminal
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Cyber Risk Management

Topics to be covered:

  • Cybersecurity threats/risks in digital age
  • Cybersecurity risk management process
  • Cybersecurity risk management tools and techniques

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GST – Goods & Service Tax

Topics covered:

  • Why GST came into picture
  • Basics of GST
  • Time of supply, place of supply & Point of taxation
  • Availment of credit
  • Utilization of credit
  • Filing of returns
  • Interest & penalities
  • Exports, refunds under GST
  • Assessments
  • Insights on Annuals returns & Audit
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Basic Excel Workshop

Topics covered:

  • 20+ Formula
  • Mathematical Functions, Lookup Functions, Logical Functions, Text Functions, Date and Time Functions, Rounding Functions, Error Handling Functions, Advance paste special techniques
  • Sorting, Filtering, Reference techniques
  • What if analysis: Data validation, Conditional Formatting
  • Pivot Tables.
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