Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Finance and Accounting Professionals Certificate


  • Availability Online Access
  • Level Basic
  • Prerequisites None
  • Deliver Method QAS Self-Study
  • Assessment to be taken after the module
  • Certified by AICPA
What do you need to know about cybersecurity?

  • Blockchain: Using and Securing Cryptocurrencies
  • Blockchain: Benefits, Values and Opportunities
  • Risks and Challenges of Blockchain
  • Blockchain Trends
  • Permissioned Ledgers and Other Solutions
  • Transactions and Smart Contracts
  • The Blockchain Landscape
  • Blockchain: Process and Technical Controls
Who Will Benefit

You don't have to become an IT expert. But, you do need to be able to speak intelligently and:

  • understand key elements of the AICPA's cybersecurity risk management reporting framework
  • learn the terminology and the right questions to ask
  • understand the potential risks and opportunities for your organization or clients
  • help advise on investments in cybersecurity or identify roles for cybersecurity specialists
  • apply a security mindset to your daily work.
Who Will Benefit?
  • Finance professionals
  • CFOs and business managers
  • Controllers and internal auditors
  • Management and public accountants
Key Topics
  • Cybersecurity terminology and digital transformation
  • Attacks and the security mindset
  • Data breaches and privacy
  • Cybersecurity frameworks including NIST CSF
  • Elements of a cybersecurity risk management program
  • Benefits of investing in cybersecurity
  • Options for cybersecurity service offerings
Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the impact of digital transformation on business.
  • Recognize key cybersecurity terms and what it takes to have a security mindset.
  • Recognize the threat landscape and the importance of security to various technologies.
  • Recognize how a data breach occurs and the organizational impact.
  • Recognize the impact to the organization when privacy is compromised.
  • Recognize the definition and purpose of a cybersecurity risk management program and description criteria.
  • Identify which security framework(s) would be best for your organization or client.
  • Identify the five functions described in the core of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF).
  • Options for cybersecurity service offerings


    • Cybersecurity Terminology and Digital Transformation
    • Attacks and the Security Mindset
    • Data Breaches and Privacy
    • Cybersecurity Frameworks
    • Cybersecurity Risk Management Program and the Description Criteria
    • The Business of Cybersecurity