Blockchain Fundamentals for Accounting and Finance Professionals Certificate

Sr. Counsellor


  • Availability Online Access
  • Level Basic
  • Prerequisites None
  • Deliver Method QAS Self-Study
  • Assessment to be taken after the module
  • Certified by AICPA
The courses in this certificate program include:

Blockchain Evolution and Technology Concepts

  • Blockchain: Using and Securing Cryptocurrencies
  • Blockchain: Benefits, Values and Opportunities
  • Risks and Challenges of Blockchain
  • Blockchain Trends
  • Permissioned Ledgers and Other Solutions
  • Transactions and Smart Contracts
  • The Blockchain Landscape
  • Blockchain: Process and Technical Controls
Who Will Benefit
  • CPAs
  • Public accounting leaders
  • Managers and staff
  • CFOs
  • Controllers
  • Finance leaders
  • Management accountants
  • Non-IT finance professionals.
Learning Objectives
  • Learn the foundational constructs behind blockchain technology and cryptoassets, structure and functionality.
  • As you consider implementing blockchain into your own organization, recognize not only the benefits and opportunities but also the challenges, as well as regulatory concerns and governance.
  • Practice with applications and use cases by looking into ledgers, transactions and smart contracts.
  • Recognize the current landscape, business applications and financial control considerations associated with blockchain use.