Analytics & Big Data for Accountants Courses Details


  • Availability Online Access
  • Level Basic
  • Prerequisites None
  • Deliver Method QAS Self-Study
  • Assessment to be taken after the module
  • Certified by AICPA
Key Topics
  • Evidence-based techniques for finding or generating data, selecting key performance indicators, isolating program effects
  • Relating data to return on investment, financial values, and executive decision making
  • Data sources including surveys, interviews, customer satisfaction, engagement, and operational data
  • Visualizing and presenting complex results
Learning Objectives
  • Deal with major trends in predictive analytics, optimization, correlation of metrics, and big data.
  • Interpret and manage new trends in analytics techniques affecting your organization.
  • Utilize new tools for data analytics.
  • Critically interpret analytic reports and advise decision makers.


    • Chapter 1 What Are Big Data and Analytics?
    • Chapter 2 Big Data History—Big Data Sources and Characteristics
    • Chapter 3 What Are the Trends in Big Data?
    • Chapter 4 What Are the Strategy and Business Applications of Big Data?
    • Chapter 5 Big Data Platforms and Operating Tools
    • Chapter 6 Big Data End User and Accounting Tools
    • Chapter 7 Examples of Big Data
    • Chapter 8 Big Data in the Accounting Department
    • Chapter 9 Ethics and Privacy with Big Data